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Which One Do You Buy – HTC Droid Incredible Or Motorola Droid Phone?

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Since the HTC Droid Incredible was launched last month, it has been interesting to compare it with the previous handset: the Motorola Droid. Although most people say that the Droid Incredible outpoints the Motorola Droid, it is useful for us to know the comparison more details as follows:


With the latest touchscreen technology: OLED, the HTC is better than the Motorola Droid that sports LCD. We notice the better comparison of both screens if it is faced up to a direct sunlight. LCDs are quite literally pale in comparison to the brightness and vibrance of a quality OLED.

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For the processor, I think 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon that is embedded in HTC Incredible is the more powerful than the 550Mhz Arm Cortex A8 processor. With 1Ghz Snapdragon, the Incredible become very responsive to the applications.


In this section, the HTC is still the winner over the Motorola. Not only it has 8 megapixel camera but also the camera comes with dual-LED flash, autofocus, and on-the-fly adjustments for brightness, contrast, and ISO level, which give it the leg up on the Droid’s admittedly very competent cam.


Both smartphones use Android. Although the HTC still comes with Android 2.1 (the latest is the Android 2.2), it still beats the Motorola Droid that runs the Anroid 2.1.


Both smartphones offer expandable memory with microSD slot, but for internal memory, the Motorola comes with 16GB over 8GB of the Incredible that has only 8GB.

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Battery Life

The Motorola Droid claims has lithium ion battery that rates up to 385 minutes of standby time and 270 of standby time. You can compare it with HTC’s battery that only rates up to 312 minutes of talk time and 146 hours of standby time.

Bottom Line

With a similar price around $ 200, the HTC is better than the Motorola. We know it from several key features such as display, camera, software and processor that win over the Motorola but of course, every one has their own preferences. So, which one do you like best?

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