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From iPhone to Droid – Three Reasons to Switch

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Are you thinking of switching to an Android-based phone but couldn’t make the decision because you will miss the cool apps in your iPhone? Here are three great reasons why you shouldn’t worry about that, and should get your hands on a free Droid phone ASAP.

First: Twitter is also on Android. Android has an answer to Twitter addicts who have been searching the Android Market far and wide for that little Twittie bird. Twidroid lets you tell the world what you are doing. The application is available both in free and paid versions, both of which offer the basic and necessary Twitter functions. These include viewing others’ tweets and sending yours, managing the users that you follow, and displaying profiles. They also carry advanced functions like saving searches, contracting URLs, posting photos and geo-tagging.

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Second: Meebo makes IM sick. Meebo is a platform that converges all your IM applications into one interface. And what’s better than that? It’s all in your phone, which means you can send and view instant messages wherever you are. Strut your stuff around and take AIM, YM, MSN, and Google Talk, to name a few, with you.

Third: Pandora is a great music box. Now you can install the Android version of Pandora, and launch it to play all the tunes that you love to hear. Like Meebo, it is also free to install from the Android Market, as it is for the iPhone. And what’s better than that? You can have Pandora running even as you are running other applications-which is impossible for the iPhone.

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Now, are you convinced that Motorola’s Droid is the better choice? The next step for you is to find a free Motorola droid offer.

Source by Jason Main

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